Where to find

first store in line most likely has all our titles!

Hyper Hypo, Adad books, O Meteoritis, Kombrai, Lexikopoleio, Fotagogos, Dolce
Amorgos (Myrto Zevgoli), Anafi (Arsenale), Tinos (Taxidi), Apiranthos Naxos (O kapetanios)
IZMIR: commentarivm
ISTANBUL: SALT Beyoglu, SALT Galata,
Postane, Robinson Crusoe
BERLIN: pro-QM, She Said, König Burgstrasse/Museumsinsel, Martin-Gropius-BauHamburger BahnhofNeue Nationalgalerie
PARIS: After8Books, Volume, Palais de Tokyo, Yvon Lambert, librairie sans titre&christophe daviet-thery,
BRUSSELS: Saint Martin Bookshoprile*, BOZAR, Peinture Fraîche, CIVA bookshop, The Green Corridor
VIENNA: Walther König in Museumsquartier
LONDON: The Mosaic Rooms, South London Gallery Bookshop, Tender Books, Whitechapel Gallery
BUCHAREST: p-u-n-c-h
MILAN: Spazio Milano, Libreria Antigone
ROME: Libreria Antigone
MADRID: Paperground
BARCELONA: Terranova
PORTO: Matéria Prima
OSLO: Norma T
AMSTERDAM: Stedelijk Museum
MAASTRICHT: Limestone Books
TALLINN: Lugemik
GLASGOW: Good Press
LEIPZIG: Rotor Books
Buchhandlung Walther König

UK distribution: Public Knowledge
Turkey distribution: BAS, Istanbul, Aslı Özdoyuran

SEOUL: The Book Society
SIGNAPORE: Basheeer Graphic Books
BANGALORE: Reliable Copy
NEW YORK: Printed MatterWendy’s Subway
MONTREAL: Canadian Centre for Architecture

if your city doesn’t show here, ask your local bookstore,
try our webshop, or order through any Walther König store.

we also have been taking part in art book fairs:
Athens, Cairo, Borderless Istanbul, WIELS Brussels, Volumes Zurich, Miss Read Berlin

retail price is
€12 in bookstores (€15 in souvenir shops),
TRY210 in Turkey,
£12 in the UK,
CHF15 in Switzerland,
$15 in the USA.

kyklàda.press is a small and artist-run organism depending on selling books to pay its contributors and logistic costs. It can, therefore, not work with (the administration coming with) a consignment distribution model. Since its founding in 2020, kyklàda.press has gradually built up an ecosystem of readers and booksellers paying invoices upon receiving books: a fair, viable, vibrant, and unique distribution model.