The Conscious Effort Fort

How can we be multitude again? Besides making books, we at kyklà produce formats for reading, writing and mediating tactile perception in gardens and large indoor spaces. ‘The Conscious Effort Fort’ is an environment conceived by David Bergé and guests for reading and writing in the proximity of others.

Glass/wood surfaces branching out books, writing materials, matts and pillows, all connected by strings, materialize an encounter with books, with reading and with each other. The Conscious Effort Fort re-engages its participants into a process of creating connections: between what is printed in the books and what is going on in the space activated by other participants. Creating meaning and knowledge – temporarily, by thinking and being together/apart through books. 

first iteration May 20 – 23 (1-7 PM), 2021
Zuiderpershuis, Waalsekaai 15, 2000 Antwerp

produced by kyklà with the support of the Flemish Government (CAP), Platform 0090 and PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPANDED.